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    In desert areas the climate is fairly dry; during Summer the temperature rises to 50 degrees Celsius, with strong temperature ranges between day and night; in Winter temperatures are mild during the day, but fall sharply at night.

    December: daytime temperature: +15 ° C - nighttime temperature: 0 ° C

    February, March: daytime temperature: +20-25 ° C - nighttime temperature: +10 ° C night


    In order to enter Morocco, your passport must be valid for six months following date of entry.


    The currency used in Morocco is the Dirham, often (DH or MAD), which is divided into 100 centimes

    Sometimes the currency used for pricing is the Real (20 Real = 1 Dirham)


    220 volts


    How to call Italy from Morocco: dial 00 + 39 + area code + mobile/telephone number

    How to call United Kingdom from Morocco:dial 00 + 44 +area code + mobile/telephone number

    How to call United States from Morocco: dial 00 + 1 + area code + mobile/telephone number


    Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

    Examples given:

    Greenwich (GMT): 20:00 (GMT+0)

    Rome: 21:00 (GMT+1) (22:00, i.e. GMT+2 with daylight saving time)

    London (GMT): 20:00 (GMT+0) (21:00. i.e. GMT+1 with daylight saving time)

    New York (EST): 15:00 (GMT-5)

    Los Angeles (PST): 12:00 (GMT-8)


    T-shirts, medium weight sweaters , heavy or pile sweaters, rain jacket, comfortable shoes, sandals, sunscreen creams, bathing suit, sunglasses, hat, sleeping bag, battery torch.
    Toilet necessaire, including towels.
    With regard to dressing, Morocco is a Muslim country so, especially in Summer, we advise to avoid wearing shorts, tank tops and so on. It is primarily a matter of respect for usages and customs , and this will help to smooth relations with the locals.


    No vaccination is compulsory.
    Gastrointestinal disorders are frequent especially in Summer; it is therefore advisable to follow a few precautions: drink bottled water, avoid eating raw vegetables and unpeeled fruit, be careful with ice and avoid drinking too cold drinks, mainly during Summer.
    In Winter disorders associated with cold are more frequent, due to the high temperature ranges between the sunny outdoor and the housing indoor. It is therefore recommended to avoid taking off heavy clothes.
    It is always advisable to carry with you a small first-aid kit containing the medicines you usually take, indispensable medicines, bowel disinfectants and, in Summer, mineral salts and sunscreen creams.

    For Italian citizens health care is not free of charge, and that’s why we take out for you a private health insurance. policy.