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Our base is ksar Haroun, a Berber ksar located about 6 miles from Rissani, along the path that, from here, leads to Merzouga.


Ksar Haroun is crossed by numerous tracks leading to the most suggestive sights, so that you don't have to take any paved roads. Immersed in the charming atmosphere that is the prelude to the desert, far from any other tourist facilities, this is a magical place: while breathing the air of the Sahara, and marvelling at the sight of a sunset in the desert, we get closer to the Berber people that, from time immemorial, inhabit it.

The history of Haroun is the history of the Berber people, entwining with that of the ancient Sijilmassa and the caravans that once crossed these lands, a history of traditions that, even today, are the basis of its everyday life.

From ksar Haroun start our tours crossing the desert: an enchanting sight, an extraordinary and unique place offering its wonderful colours, its unusual views, the magic of its silence. Ksar Haroun is the starting point for the trips we have conceived to visit its surroundings, by riding a donkey as well as a bike, and choosing tracks that only the locals know and take. 

These are unusual routes, full of charm and interest at all levels – naturalistic, geological, cultural and historical – which arise from a deep and vast knowledge of the territory.


Outside the ksar stands Dar Haroun, which will open soon. The maison d'hôte takes up shapes and colors of the ancient Berber buildings and is surrounded by the evocative atmosphere of a prelude to the desert. At the edge of Haroun gardens, with the orchards, crops and date palms overlooking the desert, is set up our bivouac with traditional Berber tents.