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The Rissani region

The Tafilalt, an area of South-Eastern Morocco, from a linguistic point of view has Berber origins. It is a semi-arid site, the prelude to the desert, but located at the confluence of two rivers, the Ziz and the Gheris, that originate on the Upper Atlas. The Hassan Eddakhil dam at Errachidia allows the regulation and use of the waters of the Ziz, ensuring the irrigation of the extensive palm grove.

Tafilalt is the region that hosts Rissani, the ancient Sijilmassa, and its capital is Errachidia (named after the first Alawite leader, Moulay ar-Rashid). In the economic and political history of Morocco the Tafilalt had a paramount role: because it provided a passage for caravans coming from Sudan or Guinea and carrying gold, ivory and slaves, over the centuries many dynasties competed for this region.

The Tafilalt is a very attractive region for its nature and history. It is the introduction to the discovery of the desert, with its plenty of clay ksours, the vast palm groves and a growing perception of silence that gradually becomes a tangible presence in the desert.

Valle dello Ziz