From Fes to Haroun

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Mid Atlas

This route, getting across the Mid Atlas reliefs, leads from Fez (the artistic and cultural capital of Morocco) to the desert regions of the South. In the South of Fez the road leading to the Berber town of Azrou penetrates into the Mid Atlas heart, featuring cedar forests and amazing views; this area is also renowned for its population of Barbary apes.

We afterwards arrive in Midelt, the boundary between Mid Atlas and the valleys leading to the Tafilalt region, featuring some more pre-desert characteristics. From Midelt we head towards Erfoud with the spectacular Ziz valley, where the river digs a passage through a gorge lined with palm trees, among which stand out several ksours. 

From Erfoud, through a track in the desert and the dunes on the horizon, we finally arrive in Haroun.