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Going through Morocco towards the desert.

You can choose one of the routes we suggest, which are carefully planned thanks to the experience and the enthusiasm of Ali and his assistants. These routes that, leaving from the Moroccan main cities, reach the desert, call in the most charming places of the country. This way we can discover a thousand colours and thousand facets country that, as a last surprise, give us its desert.

Prices are quoted on a 2-person basis, on a 4-person basis or on a 6-person basis.

All prices are quoted per person/day.

Compulsory fees:

-the tour registration fee is aimed to support the local community projects = 3 per person/day. 

-personal insurance for the medical expenses reimbursement = insurance fees vary depending on the number of days and of policyholders*.


jeep rental (with or without driver; insurance, fuel), any transfer by minibus, expert tour guide, all overnight stays, meals and drinks (except for alcoholic drinks), tours and visits, desert camp and tours equipment.


flight, tips, personal extras and options that are not listed under the "Our prices include" section


"From Marrakech to the desert", 10 days/9 nights trip, tour start from Marrakech:

€ 1,000 (6-person basis) – € 1,200 (4-person basis) - € 1,400 (2-person basis)  


"The Moroccan South", 8 days/7 nights trip, tour start from Marrakech:

€ 800 (6-person basis) - € 960 (4-person basis) - €1,120 (2-person basis)


"Towards the Sahara", 12 days/11 nights trip, tour start from Fes:  

€ 1.200 (6-person basis) - € 1,440 (4-person basis) - € 1,680 (2-person basis)

“From the Atlas Mountain to Essaouira”, 9 days/11 nights trip, tour start from Casablanca:   

€  900 (6-person basis) - 1,080 (4-person basis) - € 1,260 (2-person basis)

“Trekking in the Ziz Valley”, 12 days/11 nights trip, tour start from Errachidia:

€  1,200 (6-person basis) – 1,440 (4-person basis) - € 1,680 (2-person basis)

“Fair trekking”, 9-day/8-night trip, departure from Ouarzazate (or Marrakech): € 70 per person/day =  € 630 


Main services: Operation Centre active 24 hours a day; medical assistance; indication of a specialist doctor; health transport and return travel; return of insured relatives and travelling companions; accompanied return of minors; sending urgent medicines and messages; availability of an interpreter;  journey of a family member in case of hospitalization; early return for compelling family reasons; money advance; protection for documents and credit cards; finding a lawyer and advance of caution money; reimbursement of telephone expenses documented.

Medical expenses: reimbursement or direct payment of medical, pharmaceutical, hospital and surgical expenses borne while travelling and up to € 155,000; reimbursement of transport expenses from the place of the event to the first aid medical centre or place of first admission; the reimbursement of expenses for urgent dental treatment or care; the reimbursement of rehabilitation expenses, including physiotherapy, borne following an accident or illness occurring while travelling and which required a stay in hospital

Family: Assistance to relative at home and dwelling.

The insurance fee varies depending on the number of days and policyholders. Example given: 1 to 4 days (per  person) = € 19; 4 to 9 days (per person) =  € 28 €; 9 to 30 days (per persona)= € 42

The present insurance policy doesn't cover flight/luggage/cancellation.