How to get to Dar Haroun: Starting from Rissani, Dar Haroun can be reached going along the route N13 (the road that connects Merzouga to Taouz) for 14.5 Km and finally following the directions for ksar Haroun.
Dar Haroun can also be reached starting from Erfoud, following an off-road track.

Along the road that connects Rissani to Merzouga, not so far away from the dunes of Erg Chebbi, you can find the small ksar Haroun. Right next to ksar Haroun’s beautiful gardens (characterized by vegetables and date plants), you can find Dar Haroun, our guesthouse built in perfect local style.

DAR HAROUN: Dar Haroun was designed and built like the local homes, and it is located far away from the other resorts and it is very close to a track of the famous Paris-Dakar rally. Dar Haroun is the perfect starting point for the various tours and excursions in the desert, whether you want to go by Jeep or by motorcycle, whether you want to go by bike or on a donkey’s back we got you covered! It is also possible to do excursions on a dromedary’s back or by quad on the dunes of Erg Chebbi.

Dar Haroun is where the Aliditour office is located (ste Haroun Dote s.a.r.l.). On request we can manage to organize every kind of excursion or tour, lasting one or more days.

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Currently, Dar Haroun has 4 double rooms and 1 Family room (1 double bed and two twin beds) available, each room has its own private bathroom and the interiors are rigorously decorated according to the local Moroccan and Berber style.

From the Dar Haroun terrace, you can enjoy a cup of Moroccan tea while gazing at the endless desert and the magnificent gardens of ksar, or if you prefer you can have your breakfast served on the terrace as well.

In the dining hall you can enjoy both breakfast and dinner, upon request it is also possible to have lunch and collect take-away food for the excursions. The food is cooked in the open kitchen, where delicious dishes of the Berber and Moroccan cuisine are prepared, rigorously made with local ingredients of the Haroun region, such as: vegetables, poultry, date yam, honey and so forth. The local bakery products such as Berber pizza and bread are baked in the ksar’s oven.

In the tea room you can enjoy your time, read a good book, drink a cup of tea and at certain times listen to some typical Berber music played by the young locals.

CAMPING: Right in front of the desert, on the sides of the gardens of Haroun, where vegetable gardens and date palms grow in large numbers, it is the perfect location to set up the campsite. The tents used for the campsite are traditional Berber tents, which are still in use today among the nomads. The campsite is set up a few minutes of walking distance from Dar Haroun and ksar, precisely on the bottom of the small beige-colored dunes, typical of ksar Haroun. Dinners at the campsite are a unique opportunity to experience the flavors of the traditional Moroccan cuisine. Below you can find the different accommodation options available at Dar Haroun:

Daily prices per person – inclusive of HALF BOARD (breakfast and dinner)

-DOUBLE ROOM for 2 people: 25€ per person a day

-DOUBLE ROOM for 1 person: 30€ a day

-FAMILY ROOM (up to 4 people): 22€ per person a day (minimum of 3 people required)

-CAMPSITE (minimum of 6 people): 20€ per person a day

We will be happy to take you to the little ksar Haroun and its beautiful surroundings, where life goes on at a slow pace, relying on a simple economy and on a deep respect for the local traditions. Not so far away from Dar Haroun are located the gardens and the palm plantations of the ksar, that go on up to the small beige colored sand dunes, which fade away along the horizon. Our guide, Ali will be happy to tell you about the fascinating story of ksar Haroun, starting all the way from the setting located in the ancient ksar (not so far away from Dar Haroun) of the early Berber nomads, who are the ancestors of today’s many Haroun families.

Near Dar Haroun, you can also visit a laboratory that using an artisanal method processes fossils found locally. At the Association of ksar Haroun (Association of women and children for the progress and culture), you can taste the locally produced honey and dates syrup.